Jacky Buensoz in Success stories
May 25, 2023

Ben’s Inspiring Transformation: Celebrating One Year of Sobriety and Countless Achievements

Celebrate Ben’s journey to sobriety with Narconon Europe, personal growth, and success, culminating in his impressive Paris Marathon achievement.


Jacky Buensoz in Success stories
May 18, 2023

Embracing A New Dawn: Paolo’s Striking Metamorphosis from Addiction to Recovery

Once ensnared in the lethal web of drug addiction, Paolo chose to redefine his life. Venturing on a journey of healing and self-discovery, he ascended from the abyss of despair to welcome a new dawn.


Carlo Balasini in Success stories
March 23, 2021

I Want to Live My Life With Happiness

I learned a lot of things from this program. On Withdrawal, I stopped taking alcohol and gave my body rest to recover. I was able to experience what it felt like to confront myself and my body. On the New Life Detox, I refreshed myself. I used to have a fogginess in my head and my body was dull.


Jacky Buensoz in Success stories
November 19, 2020

I Grew Up in Addiction, Narconon Gave Me a New Start

I was eight years old the first time I tried alcohol. By thirteen I was smoking cannabis and taking poppers. By fifteen years old I was taking anything I could get my hands on and binge drinking.


Jacky Buensoz in Success stories
May 13, 2020

The Narconon Program: An Incredible Adventure

Today I would like to share with you my personal success during the Narconon program. I completed the Narconon Program and it was really an incredible adventure.


Patrizia Brunelli in Success stories
October 27, 2019

Success Stories from Our Students

Many people go through the Narconon Europe Program and they are happy to share their successes with us. Here are a couple of those successes.


Lena Severin in Success stories
September 6, 2019

I Was Afraid of Falling Asleep and Never Waking Up Again

My addiction to heroin and cocaine was getting worse every day, I had instances of overdose and passing out and for the last two years, I was afraid of falling asleep and never waking up again. I couldn’t work anymore. I had been to different rehabs—twice at a psychiatric clinic in Greece where I was given drug pills and once at a rehab program in Georgia—but nothing was working.


Agnese in Success stories
May 1, 2019

A Bit of Light in the Darkness

In the lush Danish countryside, Narconon Europe helps those who have lost everything to addiction build new, strong and sober lives. There are four main parts to this holistic and drugless rehab program.


Elvis in Success stories
June 17, 2018

I Have Inner Peace

Nobody is perfect but I am very happy with the person I am now. I can listen, I can feel, I can breathe, I have inner peace with myself and I am a caring person with a good heart. I love myself more than ever before.


Release Your Life from Drugs and Learn to Really Live Again

I have been working in the field of drug abuse treatment for many years and have seen the results that can be achieved. I also know this path can be quite different depending on which drug rehab facility you choose.