How a Competitive Dancer Beat the Odds Against Addiction:
From the Streets of Budapest to the Dance Floor of Life

Tamas, Narconon Europe Graduate

I was born in Budapest, but it was in Halásztelek, this little town in Hungary, where I really grew up. Back then, life was simple but good. I had dreams, mates I could count on, and a tight-knit family. Man, I was always smiling, always up for a laugh.

You know what was the best part? Dancing. I used to dance in competitions. It felt like I was flying, you know? Pure joy, that was.

But things went south about ten years ago. It started with just smoking weed with my classmates. Nothing serious, I thought. But, oh boy, was I wrong.

Drugs, they don’t just mess with your head—they tear your life apart. I lost everything—the trust of my family, my long-term girl, even my own company. Everything I built—gone, just like that.

When I hit rock bottom, losing my company, that was the wake-up call. I knew I had to change, or I’d end up dead or worse. So, I reached out. A mate of mine knew about Narconon. That’s where my second chance started.

Arriving at Narconon, I was a mess, man. Confused, stressed, feeling like a total failure. But something inside me screamed, “Stay, or it’s the end.” So, I stayed.

The journey wasn’t easy. Learning to face my past mistakes, to confront them head-on, that was tough. But it was also my biggest win. Being there, facing it all—that’s what saved me.

Graduation day, that was something else. I was proud, man. Proud of beating the monster that had me in its grips.

Now, what am I looking forward to? Living, really living. Not just surviving, but enjoying every moment, feeling every emotion. I got my life back, my real feelings, my health.

“My family and I, we’re good now. Better than good. We’ve got this calm, deep connection that wasn’t there before.”

My family and I, we’re good now. Better than good. We’ve got this calm, deep connection that wasn’t there before.

If you’re out there, lost in the haze of addiction, listen up. It’s gonna be hard, maybe the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But give yourself a chance. Your life, the real one, it’s brighter, more colorful than any high drugs can give you.

So, that’s my story. From the streets of Budapest to the dance floor of life, I’m dancing again. And this time, I’m not stopping.

Tamas, Narconon Europe Graduate


Jacky Buensoz

Jacky Buensoz hails from Switzerland and is the director of Narconon Europe. He is dedicated to helping the students of Narconon Europe become Drug free. For good. Feel free to contact him via Facebook if you need any help from him. ---- Jacky Buensoz de la Suisse, il est responsable de la qualité et des services à Narconon Europe. Il est là pour aider les étudiants de Narconon à devenir libérés des drogues. Vous pouvez le joindre par Facebook si vous désirez une aide quelconque.