Agnese in Alcoholism
March 25, 2019

Young Danes—Europe’s Heaviest Drinkers

It is not a secret that drinking alcohol is a huge part of many people’s lives. In society, this is called “social drinking”. When you go to an event it is common to drink one or two glasses. When it comes to parties, the amount of alcohol consumed is even greater.


Elvis in Success Stories
December 18, 2018

Alcohol and I Are Not a Good Partnership

I have been privileged to spend time at Narconon Europe to start a new life. Had I not decided to be here, I would have continued a life of sadness and misery. The end result of my past lifestyle would certainly leave me with nothing.


Mac McGregor in Drug Education
November 30, 2016

Social Drinking or Alcoholism?

Alcoholic beverages are a major part of the social life in most of Europe. Some cultures, like the French and Germans, drink alcoholic beverages with almost every meal and all of their social gatherings are well supplied with beer or wine.