I Grew Up in Addiction, Narconon Gave Me a New Start

I was eight years old the first time I tried alcohol. By thirteen, I was smoking cannabis and taking poppers. By fifteen years old, I was taking anything I could get my hands on and binge drinking. I stopped for a few years, from fifteen to seventeen years old, then started Cocaine and drinking again. 

Kris - Before
Kris - Before the Narconon Programme

By age 20, I was using cocaine every weekend. It seemed so grown up, and I wanted to escape from my life. It was also a lot of fun. I went from someone with not much confidence to someone who felt equal to anyone, confident and fun, and I had the confidence to party and socialise. I felt carefree and happy. 

“I was told I would not be alive in six months if I did not stop. I wanted to be a person again. My life was a living death.”

Then the confident nice feelings became less and less. I was paranoid, and I isolated myself to drinking and taking cocaine alone. I felt worthless. I was in and out of relationships as no one could tolerate my behaviour. I was told I would not be alive in six months if I did not stop. I wanted to be a person again. My life was a living death. 

After one seven day binge out in Spain, I decided to seek help. I came across Narconon and got in touch. Within two days, I was on a flight to Narconon in Sweden to start my recovery. I stayed on the program for five months. 

Whilst at Narconon, I went through many different stages of the programme, which all offered their own very unique qualities. I started with a drug-free withdrawal, which was completely unlike any other rehab I had been in. They let me rest, take vitamins and start to feel strong in my own time. Once I was fit and ready, I started the sauna detox. This was great fun as I was in there with some great people and we never ran out of things to talk about, which passed the time quickly. After a few days of sweating all the toxins out, I was starting to feel like a new man. After the detox, I went into the classroom to start the objectives. These practices were fun and really taught me discipline and patience. The last section of the course was life skills. Here I sat with a Narconon staff member and went through everything I had regrets about and how I could correct them. Doing this really lifted the final weight off my shoulders. 

Kris - After
Kris, After the Narconon Programme

So here I am nearly 2 years into my new sober life. I am happily settled in a nice house with a loving partner and 3 amazing dogs. I wake up every morning feeling fresh and happy to still be alive. I now have all my old friends back, and things really seem to be going my way. If I can do it, anyone can do it! Don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Thanks for reading, Kris. 


Jacky Buensoz

Jacky Buensoz from Switzerland is responsible for the services and the quality of the Narconon Europe. He is here to help the students of Narconon to become drug free. Feel free to contact him via Facebook if you need any help from him. Jacky Buensoz de la Suisse, il est responsable de la qualité et des services à Narconon Europe. Il est là pour aider les étudiants de Narconon à devenir libérés des drogues. Vous pouvez le joindre par Facebook si vous désirez une aide quelconque.