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In the lush Danish countryside, Narconon Europe helps those who have lost everything to addiction build new, strong and sober lives. There are four main parts to this holistic and drugless rehab program. Please keep reading to learn what our students say about their achievements on each of these steps.

The Program Consists of 4 Parts:

1. Drug-Free Withdrawal. It is common for an addicted person to be apprehensive about going through withdrawal, but at Narconon, this special protocol for helping a person return to sobriety is often described as “the most tolerable withdrawal ever experienced.” Trained specialists support each person around the clock, ensuring they get nutritional supplements known to aid their detoxification. Gentle procedures help calm both the body and the mind. When the individual feels good and no longer manifests symptoms of withdrawal, they move on to the second step of the program—New Life Detoxification.

Success Story after Finishing the First Step of the Program:

This phase was quite a challenge for me. I had to go through a lot of uncomfortable feelings and I am proud of myself that I managed to confront everything. I found out what is best for me and, even if it was hard—very hard, and still is, I can focus on myself much better. Yes, that’s what I gained again—my focus.

2. New Life Detoxification. On this step, the person follows an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, exercise and time in a sauna. As he or she sweats in the sauna, toxins left behind from drug and alcohol use are washed out of the body. The elimination of these toxins results in clearer thinking and a more positive outlook. This improvement helps many people overcome the terrible cravings that have imprisoned them for so long.

Success Story after Finishing the Second Step of the Program: 

I really understand the importance of this detox program. If I had known this a long time ago, I would then have done something so that the addiction didn’t get to me.

Narconon Objectives

3. Objectives. Objective processes are unique techniques to bring a person’s attention out of the past into the present time environment and onto the events happening right now. Gently and gradually, the trauma of the past fades away, to be replaced by brighter perceptions and more control of the current environment, one’s own actions and even one’s thoughts.

Success Story after Finishing the Third Step of the Program:

I feel I have overcome the past. I feel peaceful and calm and I have found meaning in my life. Now everything is possible. I have been given back the trust and control of my body and mind. I have taken my place in the present—full of energy and vitality. Thank you, Narconon Europe.

4. The last step of the program is Life Skills courses. These courses of study and application help people regain the skills they will need to again take their place in society. Each student studies lessons which enable them to differentiate between people who are positive influences in one’s life and those who are dangerously negative influences.

Another course enables a person to recover their own personal integrity and overcome their guilt over the harmful things they did while under the influence of drugs.

The final course teaches each student how to face and improve challenging situations in life and how to repair broken relationships with family and friends. These skills are vital if a person is to maintain sobriety after going home.

Success Story after Finishing the Fourth Step of the Program:

My success on this part of the program is that I have learned to recognize social personalities versus antisocial personalities and so I now have a much greater awareness of who the good people are to have around in one’s life and those who should be avoided because of their destructive intentions. I am also now in good communication with my family again and all this has made me feel much better!

After a person finishes all these steps, they work with Narconon staff to prepare a program for their return home. The skills they learned are put to work as they make decisions about where they will live, who they will befriend and how they will build a productive, enjoyable life. When this plan is complete, they are recognized as having finished the Narconon Program, ready to live a drug-free life again.

“I got all the answers I was looking for. I got out of a dark place and found a safe position in the environment out there. I feel cured. I have hope and I’m full of energy and control.”

I got all the answers I was looking for. I got out of a dark place and found a safe position in the environment out there. I feel cured. I have hope and I’m full of energy and control.

Recovery from something as serious as addiction isn’t easy. It comes from hard work, a willingness to change and having the right rehab program with the right support.

Here at Narconon Europe we have specialists who speak many languages and their goal is to save lives every day.

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I always wanted to help people get through the problems that they got into, and help them understand themselves better. I am proud to be a staff member of Narconon Europe to save lives and help others be drug free.