A Journey of Renewal: Embracing Change at Any Age


Embarking on a transformative journey at the age of 64, I found myself at Narconon Europe’s doors, ready to address the silent battle I had been waging against alcoholism. With a loving family, a successful business, and the blessing of grandchildren, the time had come to face the truth that my relationship with alcohol needed a definitive change.

The decision to steer my life in a new direction wasn’t just a spontaneous choice; it was a realization that it’s never too late for anyone to change. The Narconon program offered no miracles, only a clear path marked by personal effort and the promise of self-discovery. It was a path I chose to walk with a blend of hope and determination.

Within the program, I wasn’t alone. I walked alongside others who shared a common goal—to reclaim control over their lives. The structure of Narconon’s program felt familiar at times, touching on areas I had previously explored. But in this new context, they took on a life-changing significance. The materials and exercises, once mere concepts, became tools for understanding and overcoming my dependency on alcohol.

The program taught me invaluable lessons, the foremost being the power of the present moment. The past had passed, and the future was not mine to hold, but the present was a gift I could shape with intention. I learned that what I invested in the present—my thoughts, my actions, my resolve—would resonate in my life and those around me.

Another profound realization was recognizing the inherent goodness in people. No matter the hardships or past mistakes, there is a fundamental good in everyone that, when acknowledged, can ignite a journey of positive transformation. This newfound understanding transformed my worldview from one of judgment to one of empathy and understanding.

Throughout this transformative process, the unwavering support of the Narconon staff was a beacon of hope. They were the silent heroes of my story, guiding me, step by painstaking step, out of the shadows and into the light. Their approach was grounded in realism—they provided steadfast support without illusions or false promises. They were the compassionate witnesses to my journey of change, offering their wisdom and patience through each challenging phase.

“The road ahead may be demanding, but the promise of a life lived with authenticity and newfound freedom is an invaluable reward.”

As I reflect on this life-altering experience, I am filled with gratitude for every staff member who stood by me. Their collective wisdom and kindness were the pillars upon which my recovery was built. The Narconon program was not just a pathway out of addiction; it was a rebirth of spirit and purpose.

For anyone standing at the crossroads contemplating whether to take the first step toward change, let my story serve as a testament to the possibility and power of transformation, at any age. The road ahead may be demanding, but the promise of a life lived with authenticity and newfound freedom is an invaluable reward.

Katarina, Narconon Graduate


Jacky Buensoz

Jacky Buensoz hails from Switzerland and is the director of Narconon Europe. He is dedicated to helping the students of Narconon Europe become Drug free. For good. Feel free to contact him via Facebook if you need any help from him. ---- Jacky Buensoz de la Suisse, il est responsable de la qualité et des services à Narconon Europe. Il est là pour aider les étudiants de Narconon à devenir libérés des drogues. Vous pouvez le joindre par Facebook si vous désirez une aide quelconque.