Agnese in Addiction
April 18, 2019

The Century of the Living Dead

In this article, I would like to express my opinion about what is happening in the world right now. Mostly I will speak about Europe. We live in the century of the Living Dead. Why? Let’s see.


Karen in Drug Information
April 16, 2019

Drug Addiction in France

France struggles with drug and alcohol addiction of its citizens. An estimated 230,000 are high-risk opioid users who may not be receiving treatment. A similar number are being treated for addiction to drugs like cannabis, cocaine, heroin or MDMA.


Karen in Drug Information
April 14, 2019

Finns Fight a Battle with Both Opioids and Alcohol

A review of statistics related to which drugs send Finns to drug rehabilitation brings a significant difference immediately to view. In Finland, a much larger proportion of people are struggling with opioid addiction than in other Nordic countries.


Agnese in Drug Education
April 4, 2019

Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Pain Reliever Abuse

Across Europe, there are signs that many of the population are following the poor example of the US and starting to abuse prescription pain relievers in greater numbers.


Agnese in Success Story
April 3, 2019

Willpower Over Chemical Imbalances In the Brain

After spending many days, nights, months and years on drugs trying to figure out whether I’m having some mental disorders caused by chemical imbalances in my brain or unhappy childhood or having some incurable disease causing my drug addiction, I finally realized I was totally normal before starting with drugs and most likely will be OK if I stopped taking them.


Agnese in Alcoholism
March 25, 2019

Young Danes—Europe’s Heaviest Drinkers

It is not a secret that drinking alcohol is a huge part of many people’s lives. In society, this is called “social drinking”. When you go to an event it is common to drink one or two glasses. When it comes to parties, the amount of alcohol consumed is even greater.


Agnese in Drug Information
March 1, 2019

Consequences of Methadone Use

Methadone is an incredibly powerful drug. In many countries around the world, methadone is promoted as the solution of heroin addiction. Unfortunately, only a few people mention the consequences of switching from heroin to methadone.


Agnese in Success Stories
February 27, 2019

Finally I Feel Relaxed

Becoming stable in present time is a very important factor in drug rehabilitation. A person’s attention can be stuck in literally thousands of different past moments. With so much attention on his past, he has little or no attention left for the here and now.


Agnese in Success Story
February 22, 2019

It’s Never Too Late to Be the Best Person that You Can Be

I thought I would never get away from drugs. I thought I would not be anyone without drugs and would not be able to do anything without them. When I came here I could not breathe through my nose and my face was completely destroyed by the cocaine.


Elvis in Drug Information
January 29, 2019

Cannabis Usage Increases

I recently read various reports on the internet that the use of cannabis, hash, and marijuana has increased. Is it something to be worried about? Yes, I think so. I clearly remember my upbringing and how my interest in drugs started at age 11. At that time beer was the gateway.