Roger Blasco in Success Stories
August 12, 2020

I Got My Life Back

A Narconon graduate shares his story after decades of heavy drug abuse. Read about his experience with Narconon and how he overcame his addiction and got his life back.


Agnese in Success Stories
February 27, 2019

Finally I Feel Relaxed

Becoming stable in present time is a very important factor in drug rehabilitation. A person’s attention can be stuck in literally thousands of different past moments. With so much attention on his past, he has little or no attention left for the here and now.


Elvis in Success Stories
December 18, 2018

Alcohol and I Are Not a Good Partnership

I have been privileged to spend time at Narconon Europe to start a new life. Had I not decided to be here, I would have continued a life of sadness and misery. The end result of my past lifestyle would certainly leave me with nothing.


Elvis in Success Stories
May 30, 2018

Learning My Purpose in Life

I have been wrestling with addiction for over 25 years. I had tried some drugs here and there, but my main problem has always been alcohol. I went from house-to-house and friend-to-friend, crashing at different places and felt unwelcome. Then my mom and dad told me that they had found the perfect place for me…