Alcohol and I Are Not a Good Partnership

Man walking outside in Denmark

I have been privileged to spend time at Narconon Europe to start a new life. Had I not decided to be here, I would have continued a life of sadness and misery. The end result of my past lifestyle would certainly leave me with nothing.

I have come to realize that Alcohol and I are not a good partnership. I know for certain, and thanks to this program, that my dependency on alcohol has left my body and most importantly—my mind. And for that, I am truly thankful.

During my stay here, it has become abundantly clear how much pain I have caused my family. I have dealt with the guilt, shame, pain, and embarrassment and that was no easy road to travel. Having time on my hands here has enabled me to reflect on the consequences at a very deep level, to the extent that the very thought of allowing myself to be in that situation makes me feel sick. I realized that I have violated every ounce of my personal integrity, valves, and morals.

Using Alcohol has made me into a lesser version of who I once was.

“Being at Narconon has allowed me to be
the successful person I was born to be…”

Being at Narconon has allowed me to be the successful person I was born to be. I am excited what the future holds for me because, given the tools from Narconon that I can apply, I will leave here a stronger and more humble person. This will guide me in business, in my relationship with my children and social and family level as well as my sports.

It has become obvious to me that I will excel at every level and I have absolutely no doubt about this fact any longer.

The clarity I have is amazing, however, the shame will take time to dissipate and I am confident that this will be a fast process.

The drills I have been taught, to mention one aspect, has given me a laser focus which can be applied throughout my life, and which I am looking forward to.

I feel fantastic, energetic, peaceful and relaxed at this point. My mind is clear, my body is clean. I have a new version of myself for which I am grateful.

During this program, I have learned patience. Being an impatient person was probably one of my biggest weaknesses so I am pleased that this is yet another win for me.

I realize that although life is short, every man has the same 24 hours in a day. It is what you do with your time that will give you a successful life. Using this time in the presence at alcohol is simply a waste of time and completely destructive.

This program has also allowed me to think about my book, which I will continue here.

The Detox program is a perfect plan that ties in with my training and planning for the T.K.D. world championships where I will be competing in Brazil in August for South Africa.

This program is a holistic plan for me and will allow me to achieve my goals that I have set. It is a win-win solution!

R.W.—Narconon Europe Student



Elvis has been helping people since early stages of his life. His devotion to helping led him to join staff at a Narconon drug rehabilitation center to help people recover from their addictions to drug or alcohol.