Willpower Over Chemical Imbalances In the Brain

Man walking early in the morning.

After spending many days, nights, months and years on drugs and trying to figure out whether my addiction was the result of some mental disorders caused by chemical imbalances in my brain or an unhappy childhood or some incurable disease, I finally realized I was totally normal before starting with drugs and most likely would be OK if I stopped taking them.

On drugs I was not normal, I was a drug addict experiencing the physical and mental effects of drugs—lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, crazy people around me, going crazy myself and doing crazy things, etc., etc.

Understand me correctly on this, the cravings and things you do for drugs when you are hooked are terrible. In the beginning, it’s just fun and one tends to miss the point where it goes from fun to being a hooked slave.

The experiences on drugs and the things one does and sees are enough to make anyone give up… or just continue using.

It can be hard to envision a happy and normal life again. I am happy that I believed in myself and that it was possible to achieve.

This most likely saved me from a lifelong addiction or being institutionalized or medicated for the rest of my life.

“For me, it was just a question of finding
and receiving the right help…”

For me, it was just a question of finding and receiving the right help.

I tried many things and finally, I got real help at Narconon.

This is a program that totally focuses on getting you physically and mentally in shape again and to give you tools to handle your life. It saved my life and sanity. This together with my own willpower was a total success.

T.P.—Narconon Program Graduate



I always wanted to help people get through the problems that they got into, and help them understand themselves better. I am proud to be a staff member of Narconon Europe to save lives and help others be drug free.