Private and Confidential Drug Rehab


Drug addiction is a problem for people from all walks of life. It destroys any person, marriage, business and kills creation. It creates bankruptcy and lost customers and lost confidence.

If you run a business you know the importance of integrity and customer relations. If you work in a key position in a company you know how important your production is. There may be safety regulations, others trust you and depend on you. If you are a pro in any field the same rules apply.

With increasing drug addiction comes all the lies one has to tell in order to cover up flaps, canceled meetings, failed contracts, crashed statistics etc. and in many cases, it brings the sheriff to your company or door.

All the money and time spent in hotels, nightclubs, with prostitutes or one-night stands, gambling or similar activities catches you in a web of cover-up and lies. Maybe one is overspending, juggling the books, falsifying records, lying for your partners, etc. And eventually, you end up in jail—alone.

Even if you are not there yet, it will come soon enough.

Narconon Europe is a private rehabilitation facility. If privacy is a concern for you, this is the rehab to come to. We maintain total confidentiality and have helped many businessmen, artists, management and employees from all over the world.

Get help now while you still can and before you lose everything you worked so hard for. You can get your life back.

For more information on our drug-free, unique program, call us for a personal consultation.

Narconon Europe Sunshine


Elvis has been helping people since early stages of his life. His devotion to helping led him to join staff at a Narconon drug rehabilitation center to help people recover from their addictions to drug or alcohol.