It’s Never Too Late to Be the Best Person that You Can Be

I thought I would never get away from drugs. I thought I would not be anyone without drugs and would not be able to do anything without them.

When I came here I could not breathe through my nose and my face was completely destroyed by the cocaine. Now I can breathe normally again and my face has recovered very well.

I came here and I was thinking only to pause but not to stop using dangerous drugs completely. However, after the sauna, I was much calmer and not hyperactive. Also when I came here I was very nervous and broke too many objects around me because of my anger.

I started the Objectives course and realized that it was good that I was doing it. I didn’t think about the past anymore. I was here and now in present time and could evaluate people that I have in my life and I could evaluate my own life.

At last, I could be the big-hearted person I was before starting my journey of drug abuse.

Man free from drugs, looking at sunset

I had plenty of time to think about what to do when I was done with Objectives.

“I’m overjoyed that I can now live my life in a worthwhile way
and enjoy it without the constant influence of drugs.”

At first, I was skeptical about the program and what kind of people would expect me here.

The books “Ups and Downs in Life”, ”Personal Values” and “Conditions” were very helpful for making accurate plans about my life, especially to distinguish who is good or bad for me and how to rise up and not fall into the trap of drugs again.

Now I know that this program helped me a lot and the people I met here became very good friends to me.

I’m overjoyed that I can now live my life in a worthwhile way and enjoy it without the constant influence of drugs.

It’s never too late to be the best person that you can be.

R.R.— Narconon Europe Student



I always wanted to help people get through the problems that they got into, and help them understand themselves better. I am proud to be a staff member of Narconon Europe to save lives and help others be drug free.