I Stand Here Today Complete

Success story after stop using drugs

I arrived at the Narconon program, thanks to my family’s guidance and support, and it’s because of their efforts that I can write this story to you, the future Narconon students of the world.

Finishing this program was not easy for me. In fact, it was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished in my life. But the hardest and greatest thing I came to terms with was to realize I needed help and then to accept this help by any means necessary.

So, accepting that help I came to Narconon Europe, determined to get my life back and once again be able to enjoy the people who matter most to me—my family first and secondly my friends.

“Words can’t describe how much better my life has become…”

And so, with the care and attention of the Narconon staff, trusting in them and the program, I became better and better as the weeks flew by.

Yes, there was anger and frustration, yes there was sorrow and turmoil, but yes there was also happiness and joy. The most important aspect to tell you is that every single emotion a man can feel was present—both the good and the bad—but the proportions and the dynamic of these changed for the better, week after week.

Words can’t describe how much better my life has become because words don’t do it justice. All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is thanks to both staff and students at Narconon.

It is by your hands and hearts that I stand here today complete again and ready to go out and enjoy life.

—A.B. Narconon Europe Graduate



I always wanted to help people get through the problems that they got into, and help them understand themselves better. I am proud to be a staff member of Narconon Europe to save lives and help others be drug free.