Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Pain Reliever Abuse


Across Europe, there are signs that many of the population are following the poor example of the US and starting to abuse prescription pain relievers in greater numbers. Additionally, Scandinavian countries—particularly Finland and Sweden—have long had a tendency towards abuse of amphetamines.

Nearly all painkillers are opiates or opioids to some degree or another—synthetic copies of opium. In Austria in 2010, 100% of the 170 drug deaths involved opiates. Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and Luxembourg also had a heavy proportion of opiate deaths, an increasing number of which are due to abuse of prescription drugs like fentanyl.

Whether a person is into heroin or prescription pain reliever abuse, the signs and symptoms will be much the same.

Pupils will be constricted, the user will appear sleepy and tired and may nod off. He (or she) may not realize he has nodded off and may try to continue a conversation. A user gets itchy and may rub his nose over and over. He may get nauseated and vomit. As he is dopey, he will have poor concentration and memory. Heart rate, breathing and movements will be slow. He will be constipated.


Lifestyle Changes Are Also a Sign of Prescription Pain Reliever Abuse

Prescription and street opiates alike are so addictive that a user can soon become obsessed with getting the supply of drugs he needs each day. If he is a heavy user, this can happen soon. If he is just an occasional user, he may go on for some time before the drug takes over his life.

Normally, whatever money is on hand will start to go for drugs. If the person does not have reserves of cash, there may be items disappearing from the home, business or homes of friends and family—all sold, traded or pawned to get more drugs.

Some prescription pain reliever users are fairly functional for quite a while, but normally the addiction and personality changes begin to catch up with him and the problems become more visible. Jobs will frequently be lost but there will be excuses why this happened. To the addict, it is so essential that he continue to acquire drugs that any deception or manipulation is warranted.

Narconon Centers in Europe Provide Relief from Addiction

When a person becomes addicted, he may feel hopeless about getting help. A family may have to intervene in his drug abuse and get him into an effective rehabilitation program. The Narconon drug rehab program has one of the highest success rates in this field.

There are twenty Narconon drug recovery facilities located across Europe.
To locate one and make arrangements for someone you care about to get help, call Narconon Europe.



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