I Wanted a True Life, True Friends, True Emotions

Man sitting on the top of the roof, dreaming.

Before I arrived at the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, I was living a crazy and criminal life. All my time was spent arranging money so I could buy drugs. I violated all my own moral standards and was I totally controlled by the drugs and drug dealers. When I was on drugs, I felt fantastic. Off drugs, I had no drive or interests at all. I was living in a fake reality.

I finally got to a point where I wanted a true life, true friends, true emotions, true interests and so on, and not these artificial feelings and friends created by drugs. I had lost everything and I had even lost myself.

I heard so many good things about Narconon and I decided to go there. The change I managed to accomplish during this program was just incredible.

The first few days were spent going through withdrawal. Just this first step made me feel so much better and hopeful. The staff and students at Narconon were so friendly but also were so determined to help me that I felt totally safe and confident about continuing on this program.

After the New Life Detoxification, I felt totally different. I was full of energy. I felt healthy, I could think more clearly and I didn’t think about drugs all the time.

“My ability to be in contact with the people around me and life as it really was returned…”

On the Objectives, my ability to focus on the present increased beyond anything I could have imagined. My ability to be in contact with the people around me and life as it really was returned. I stopped comparing everything around me with my past. I really started to like life and the people around me. Previously, whenever I was off drugs, I was always bored with life but finally, I stopped feeling this way. My future started to look bright and meaningful.

On the Life Skill courses, I really sorted out for myself what kind of people I want to have around me. I’ve learned how to notice behaviors in myself and others that are not optimum. I also got tools to handle people and improve my life.

I simply got my life back!

—Narconon Graduate



Elvis has been helping people since early stages of his life. His devotion to helping led him to join staff at a Narconon drug rehabilitation center to help people recover from their addictions to drug or alcohol.