Cannabis Usage Increases

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I recently read various reports on the internet that the use of cannabis, hash, and marijuana has increased.

Is it something to be worried about? Yes, I think so.

I clearly remember my upbringing and how my interest in drugs started at age 11.

At that time beer was the gateway. Some sniffed thinner or glue. One wanted to seem tough and impress the girls and to dare to take a step closer, touch a little, have a kiss and later maybe take it a step further. One also wanted to be “cool” among friends.

Soon after that, hash came into the picture. It was perfect because you did not smell, which worked well on the dance floor and other situations if you did not smoke too much.

I myself became mostly tired and inactive if I smoked too much which was nowhere as dramatic as experiencing nausea, puking, acting crazy and so on that went with heavy drinking.

Ours was an alternative to the adult world of drinking and we thought we were a lot cooler than the adults.

“The earlier you can motivate someone to end their drug-taking habit, the better it is.”

This was before my friends and I disappeared in amphetamine and heroin fumes. Some died, some became crazy, many got stuck in long-term addiction and criminality.

The life we dreamed of and talked about when we were high… well, it never happened and the solution to this was to take even more drugs. Hash was now smoked when you wanted to come down, calm down or fall asleep after many sleepless days.

When I look at the drug development in the world over the last 30 years and the consequences that came as a result of this “innocent” hash smoking, then YES, it’s definitely something to be worried about.

The earlier you can motivate someone to end their drug-taking habit, the better it is.

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A.D.—Narconon Europe Staff Member



Elvis has been helping people since early stages of his life. His devotion to helping led him to join staff at a Narconon drug rehabilitation center to help people recover from their addictions to drug or alcohol.